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Aneta was founded by a working mother who believed there had to be an easier way for families to access the full benefits of our digital age when it comes to supporting kids' education.

She experienced the challenges many caregivers do; having to drop everything to navigate young kids to websites and apps at the times that they need; the frustrations of trying to locate links in emails, texts, and across learning management systems; the missed learning opportunities because you simply did not know about a resource; parents and teachers seeking enriching content having no way to easily tap into the work that others have already done curating digital resources.

Website blockers, trackers and timers do nothing to remove this burden. In short, families didn't have an easy way to get to the good on the internet. Until now...

Aneta - The First Digital Wayfinder

Aneta allows a child, literate or not, to independently find their way through parent or teacher directed digital journeys across websites and apps. Aneta democratizes access to the knowledge on the internet through Anetapacks, pre-created sharable link-enriched schedules and assemblies of digital resources.

Our goal at AnetaEd is to be the most useful digital tool for parenting. By helping you find your way to the helpful resources, we believe together we can do just that.


“Aneta extends parents’ reach to allow them to manage kids' digital activities without having to do it in the moment or even be physically present.

It is peace of mind for the parent. Independence for the child.”

Afua Branoah Banful, PhD.
Founder and CEO,, Inc.